Dragon Energy Island Swansea Bay Strategic Options Review

This review was commissioned by the City & County of Swansea on behalf of the Swansea Bay City Region. Following a strongly supportive Hendry Review in 2017, setting the context for a strong tidal industry to develop across the UK, the government determined in June 2018 that the pathfinder tidal lagoon proposal did not meet the necessary value for money criteria to secure subsidy support.

At this point the Swansea City Region leadership, in discussions with Welsh Government, determined that there may be the possibility to re-configure the legacy project, with alternative technical options, as well as revised funding solutions, to deliver a viable project.

In August 2018 the City Region established the Tidal Lagoon Task Force, a group made up of stakeholders and experts in their respective fields, with the intention of providing oversight and expertise to consider options for a re-formatted project.

Holistic Capital Commissioned

Holistic Capital were commissioned by the City and County of Swansea (CCS), on behalf of the Swansea Bay City Region, to deliver a comprehensive review of the output from this process, including where appropriate, recommendations for the next steps.

The intention of this work was to support City officials, and the Tidal Lagoon Task Force, to determine the residual level of appetite in the market for a re-formatted Renewable Energy project, specifically from the large corporates Hendry had referenced, who had the proven track record to deliver a large scale project of this nature.

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